Frank Raabe

Master of Mediation

Rechtsanwalt & zertifizierter Mediator
Aachen, Schloss-Rahe-Straße 15

I am available to you, as a rechtsanwalt or as a mediator, in business and in private life.

As a rechtsanwalt, I provide legal advice and I represent your legal interests. This may be done out of court, in negotiations, in court or arbitration.

As a mediator, I am available to you as well as to the other party. With neutrality, empathy and patience, I guide you and the other party through the mediation. I support the development of a consensual resolution of the conflict, including, if requested, legal aspects. At the end of the process, both parties receive a description of the solution written by me. Thus not a judge makes a decision in your case, but you set your own law by a final agreement.

You benefit from my knowledge and my experience, gathered over many years as a rechtsanwalt, mediator,  manager and authorized representative of reputed companies.

I will inform you about the process of mediation free of charge, clarifying at the same time whether mediation is suitable in your case. Then it is up to you to decide whether you seek mediation or whether you go legal.

A conflict is often a significant burden. My office is located at Rahe Castle, where you can speak about your case in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The castle with its magnificent park is situated in Aachen-Laurensberg and is easy to reach via the A4 motorway, whether you live in Germany or across the border. Free parking is available. Alternatively, I offer you a mediation in your premises.

I thank you in advance for the trust that you place in me as a rechtsanwalt or mediator. 

Frank Raabe

Rechtsanwalt Aachen Frank Raabe Schloss Rahe