Frank Raabe

Master of Mediation

Rechtsanwalt & zertifizierter Mediator
Aachen, Schloss-Rahe-Straße 15

Rechtsanwalt from Aachen

I offer assistance as rechtsanwalt or as mediator, in business and in private life. Do not hesitate to contact me for an exploratory conversation.

As your rechtsanwalt, I provide legal counsel and I defend your legal interests. I can also help you reduce the risk of disputes by assisting you in the drafting of agreements, contracts and declarations.

Mediator from Aachen

Mediation means dispute resolution without a judge, between companies, in-house and between private persons. In many cases, you do not necessarily have to go to Court. As a mediator, I am available to you and to the other party.

I guide you through the different phases of mediation and I help you and the other party to develop the settlement of your dispute together.

Your trust sets the standard of my work. Your satisfaction is the measure of its success.