Frank Raabe

Master of Mediation

Rechtsanwalt & zertifizierter Mediator
Aachen, Schloss-Rahe-Straße 15


  • seek legal assistance in checking or drafting contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, your enduring power of attorney, other powers of attorney, your will or other documents or you seek an executor?
  • require legal advice in connection with your energy supply contract or in another energy-related legal matter?
  • want to be informed or advised in another legal matter (on inquiry)?
  • wish your interests to be defended out of court or your case to be settled out of court?
  • seek a rechtsanwalt to defend your rights in court or arbitration?
  • need legal assistance in mediation?

In such cases, do not hesitate to contact me.
I can assist you as your rechtsanwalt and I will be at your side.